Youth exchange

“Enabling young people to discover the world by learning from their cultural differences”: this is the youth hostels’ commitment to young people. How? By organizing annual intercultural meetings. They bring together young people from different countries for a residential stay in a youth hostel. Exchanges and debates, participative and creative workshops, free time, visits and excursions… A collective and cosmopolitan time focused on the culture of peace.

Future of Europe: on track for 2023!
Participating countries : France, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain

The 5th “Future of Europe” intercultural meeting will be held from June 19 to 25 in Toruń, Poland. A total of 7 European countries will be represented by young people aged 18 to 26 (teams of 5 per country).

      • The aim of this event? To offer young people with an interest in European issues a time of exchange and discussion on the prospects for Europe.
      • Topics covered: What about the European Union and youth unemployment? What about the rise of populist parties in Europe and the multicultural society? What’s the latest on the European Youth Goals? And the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)?
      • On the program: the meeting is based on “dialogue sessions” (times for debate led by a facilitator) as well as themed and tourist visits. All in English!
      • Where to stay: youth hostel Imbir Hostel

Future of Europe…

  • encourage exchanges and dialogue between young people
  • debate European issues together
  • to encourage people to explore opportunities in Europe.

The program

  • the program is based on “dialogue sessions” (or times for debate led by a facilitator), as well as themed and tourist visits.
  • Working in a European country? What about populist movements and a multicultural society? What about the European Youth Goals? And SDGs? (Sustainable Development Goals)
  • 100% expenses covered (travel, accommodation, catering and visits).

Future of Europe: discover the testimonials of the 2022 edition!

I advise everyone to take part in intercultural encounters, to discover more and more about each other.”


“I have nothing but fond memories of this intercultural exchange.”


“Discovering other young people from all over Europe, sharing new cultures was a highlight!”


IOU Respect 2022 in Chicago: a look back at this emblematic HI event

Participating countries : Egypt, France, Germany, Lebanon, United States

IOU (I Owe You) Respect is the flagship event of HI’s national youth hostel associations. The aim of this meeting is to create a dialogue between the Arab and Western worlds. 6 countries take part every year: 3 Arab countries and 3 Western countries (Europe/USA).

This program was set up in support of the peace campaign launched by the International Youth Hostel Federation (Hostelling International) in 2002, in partnership with UNESCO. This international campaign was launched in the wake of the September 11 attacks, on the theme of “Youth Hostels in the service of peace and international understanding”, to promote the mission and values of the Youth Hostel movement worldwide.

The 2022 edition took place from August 4 to 17 in Chicago. Five lucky Frenchmen were able to take part in the adventure.

IOU Respect allows…

  • enrich your knowledge of other cultures
  • develop your intercultural communication skills
  • encourage your actions in favor of constructive intercultural exchanges
  • promote mutual understanding.

Meeting program

  • Program highlights: “dialogue sessions” provide an opportunity to express and compare points of view on issues such as identities, religion, stereotypes and conflict…
  • A great deal of time is devoted to exchanges and getting to know other people and their cultures, through fun, cultural and sporting activities: group games, country presentation evenings…
  • Free time to facilitate exchanges.
  • Sightseeing and cultural visits will be chosen following a survey of all participants.

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