Our commitment

“More than 50 years at the service of social tourism and youth” is our commitment. In youth hostels, people of different nationalities, cultures and social realities meet. This is how everyone can learn to live together and build a world without borders of Peace, Tolerance and Mutual Understanding.

FUAJ’s commitments to youth and sustainability include the following missions :

Promote the idea of youth hostels, synonymous with tolerance, dialogue between peoples, friendship and meetings between young people from all over the world.

To contribute to the physical, moral and intellectual development of young people through social tourism and popular education.

Act in favor of the establishment and development of new youth hostels in France.

Act in favor of the expansion of associative life in France.

Establish regular relations with similar organizations operating in other countries and with the International Federation of Youth Hostels Hostelling International.

Encourage knowledge of the environment and the concern to preserve it.

Youth exchange

"Enabling young people to discover the world by learning from their cultural differences": this is the youth hostels' commitment to young people.

Sustainable Development

While tourism is far from being an environmentally friendly activity, there is much that each of us can do to reduce this impact while traveling.